Temporary Van Insurance

Tempory Van Insurance

Get temporay van protection today. Quick quotes from over 20 insurers.

Types of Temporary Van Insurance Available

By law you must have at least third party van insurance to drive legally. Van insurance like car insurance is available in three forms.

  • 1
    Third party only ( lowest level available) with cover only for the third party
  • 2
    Third party with fire and theft (provides some additional cover for fire and theft of your vehicle).
  • 3
    Comprehensive cover will provide cover for both you and any third party. 

Temporary van Insurance Uses

Temporary van insurance has grown in popularity and is in higher demand, with demand exceeding that of the traditional annual policy. Temp van insurance can range in time from daily, weekly, monthly or in some cases 6 months. No matter the time period that you require insurance for, we can provide you with the necessary cover In addition the quote comes with a best price guarantee!

  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Fully Comprehensive
  • Immediate cover once payment processed online
  • Buy online 
  • Secure payment processing
  • Document safe facility for easy and safe access

Weekly, Daily or Monthly Van Insurance Available

Need one day van insurance that is fully comprehensive? We can provide you with just that and it comes with a best price guarantee. Cover for 1 day or more which can be extended should that be required.ere...

Weekly van Insurance is in high demand, select Quick Quote to get a fully comprehensive quote in minutes. Weekly cover is perfect when you for moving contents or a a DIY week.

Monthly van insurance with comprehensive cover, for example to cover an additional vehicle during peak business months. Maybe you have ordered a new van, but need to wait, why wait take advantage of our keen monthly rates for van insurance.

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Temporary Van Insurance for all Van Categories

Temp van cover is available for all van categories the key categories are listed below:

  • Vans that shares a car chassis : Simply put these are vans that drive like cars the difference being the rear is enclosed in metal instead of class and the seats have been removed to allow space for cargo.
  • Large :  These vans are able to carry heavy or large loads and most likely will have a double axle required to be able to transport heavy weights. If your are still unsure check out the Ford Luton with an enclosed box structure will fall the large vehicle category and a favorite of removal firms and carpet layers.
  • Micro : The Peugeot Bipper is a good example of the micro vehicle category. They are not based on any car and are mainly used for carry small loads or the tools of your particular business, example an electrician would normally use a micro van to carry tools and supplies.
  • Panel: The Ford Transit with its larger loading area in the rear with high paneled sides is the classic example of the panel along with the Mercedes Sprinter
  • Small : The VW Caddy is typical, from the front they look similar to car, but from the rear they will normally have hinged doors with a raised roof to accommodate small loads of cargo or work related tools

Temporary Van Insurance

Get Temporary van protection today. Quick quotes from over 20 insurers.

Insurance Optional Extras

The cover provided is temp van insurance with fully comprehensive cover, we do not offer third party only. Some option extras are also available.

  • Breakdown cover with call out charge plus 1 hour's mechanics fee.
  • Protect your excess with motor excess insurance.
  • Protection against an uninsured loss claim.

Reasons you may need temporary van Insurance

  • Need an additional van for a short period - ideal for a weekend move. 
  • Just purchased a new van? - Get instance drive away insurance.
  • Holiday time? - Add a close friend or family member as an additional driver.
  • Need temp van cover for a courtesy vehicle or a weekend test drive of a new van?

What Insurance class does your van belong to ?  

The association of British Insurers (ABI)  are responsible for determining which van is assigned to which insurance group. These do change and it is best to refer to the manufacturer's web site for full details of their vans and which group their vans have been assigned into. 

Underwriters use this information to determine the appropriate premium for each van model. As a general rule the smaller the vehicle the lower the premium, but other factors also play a role. For example the average repair costs for a particular model will also be used to arrive at a weighting of their risk and thus the premium that you will be quoted. Do take this into consideration if you are thinking of making a new vehicle purchase and wish to control the cost of your annual premium. 

Are advice is unless you actually need a large model it would be wiser to buy a smaller model, but do make sure it is adequate for your current personal or company requirements. In summary the following are the key factors that determine how van's are classified into risk categories 

  • Claims history : If you have a good history of no claims this will be reflected in the temp van cover premium quoted by the broker.
  • The value of the van: the more expensive the more it will cost to repair.
  • Security : Can you provide secure overnight parking - have you added insurance industry approved security mechanism, for GPS tracking or an immobilizer. 
  • Cost of spare parts : are parts imported into the UK.
  • Historic data : The actuarial that work for the underwriters will also use the available historic data to arrive at the average repair costs for a particular van model. The higher the repair cost the more expensive will your temp van insurance premium be.

Tempory Van Insurance

Get temporay van protection today. Quick quotes from over 20 insurers.